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RB Assembly
Product Introduction

RB Assembly, round based assembly or cup assembly is composed of a ceramic ring magnet enclosed in a steel cup. This kind of assembly has a strong pull force and steady build. The steel cup is usually Chrome plated.

  • Antenna mounting
  • Lifting
  • Holding
  • Positioning
Standard size

Part Number Cup Hole Cup Size Magnet Size Pull Force (lbs)
RB-40 Dia0.188 Dia1.42 x 0.27 OD1.18 x ID.0.39 x Th0.2 14
RB-50 Dia0.187 Dia2.03 x 0.3 OD1.8 x ID0.87 x Th0.24 38
RB-51 Dia0.188 Dia2.03 x 0.36 OD1.77 x ID0.87 x Th0.29 40
RB-60 Dia0.270 Dia2.36 x 0.35 OD2.09 x ID0.94 x Th0.26 65
RB-70 Dia0.280 Dia2.81 x 0.38 OD2.36 x ID1 x Th0.28 90
RB-80 Dia0.280/0.375/0.5 Dia3.15 x 0.43 OD2.80 x ID1.20 x Th0.34 95
RB-90 Dia0.375 Dia3.86 x 0.51 OD3.39 x ID1.28 x Th0.42 165
RB-100 Dia0.500 Dia4.88 x 0.41 OD4.53 x ID1.75 x Th0.40 200
  • Custom sizes can be made to your design
  • Counter sink for the center hole
  • Bolt and nut for the center hole
  • Hook